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Friday September 4th, 2009
Welcoming all freelance jobs! I'm open to some commissions so if you are looking to hire and collaborate with an artist, I'm your man! I'm good at illustration and designing cartoon characters! Don't take my words for it, read the rest of this blog and my older entries, for more examples of my artwork and decide for yourself whether if I'm any good!If you got a design project or a job going and think that I can draw things for you? Please drop me a message and a link to your page and we'll talk about it! My full gallery of art is Here, please do check it out. And for more of my commission info please go here: for reading. I'll be waiting for your replies!Bernard君豪

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I am interested by your offer contact me at
Dear Sir,
Good day to you.

We are a production company offering various services for the media industry ranging from Distribution of Animation series, Digitizing, Creating IP and 3D Animation.
We are working towards creating a new 3D Animated series with the focus on a character code named Lord Eternal. We would like to have your expertise in giving form to the this character based on our creative directors input and the story line.

Hence we would like to seek your services for the same and want to know how we can engage your services in creating the character Lord Eternal and a few other characters in the series as required. Your kind cooperation will be highly appreciated and feel free to contact us for any further details. Also let us know if your services include Comic Book Series Story writing.

Best Regards,

Abdur-Rahman Hussain
Chief Information Officer
Lebanon: Gardenia Center, Hazmieh, Beirut, Lebanon.
Qatar: No.6, First Floor, Al Hail Building, New Airport Road, Doha, Qatar.
Contacts: Mob: +961-71234527 | Tel: +961-1-980981/3/4/6 | Fax: +961-1-980982
Hows your art